Understand Your City

New York City and it’s government are complex. That’s why we’re constantly producing information resources that help you learn about the city and it’s government. Check out the resources below (which we put together for under $1000 btw), and let us know what you think.

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Laws & Codes

Have you tried reading the NYC Charter and Administrative Code? Good luck! We put the laws and code that govern our city into a searchable, readable and version-controlled format.

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Capital Budgets

We took publicly accessible, internal city budget data and put it into a searchable and easy-to-read format so people can actually look through it and learn how the city is spending some of its $85 billion budget.

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City Maps

There are a lot of great maps out there about New York City. We’ve created one of our own in the style of the popular video game Sim City. Over time, we’d like to give you a Sim City-like interface for real-time city data.

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We’ve put all the data we use to power our website into an industry-standard open source data repository, so you can easily see, use and share our source data .

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