We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released version 1.0 of our New York City Capital Commitments Database. You can view it here.

We constructed this system by taking the scrape made available on Github of the public city data here, then importing it into AirTable to create a database backend.

We tried to build a front-end on top of the AirTable, but discovered that this approach resulted in load times that took way too long because the dataset was so large.  So, we built our own backend using the open source Laravel framework to power the app.

Currently, the app only offers display of the data. Our next step is to add interactive features that would allow users to comment on each project that has received capital commitments. You can see the specification for that here.

Our goal is to produce a tool that enables the public to evaluate each capital project and identify projects that seem problematic so watchdog groups can investigate potential waste, fraud and abuse.